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Omelets - Breakfast

Create Your Own Omelet


Choose 3 toppings. Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Gyro meat, Spinach, Tomato, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Feta, American, Provolone, Swiss Cheese, Cheddar Cheese. Add more than 3 items for an additional cost.

Breakfast Sides (Select 1):Homefries Hash Browns Grits No Side
Breakfast Bread (Select 1):White Toast Rye Toast Wheat Toast Cuban Toast +$1.59English Muffin +$1.59Homemade Biscuit +$1.99Bagel with Cream Cheese +$1.99No Toast
Omelet Toppings (Select 1-3):Cheddar Cheese Swiss Cheese Provolone Cheese American Cheese Feta Cheese Mushrooms Peppers Onions Tomato Spinach Gyro Meat Sausage Bacon Ham
Omelet Toppings Extras:Cheddar Cheese +$1.25Swiss Cheese +$1.25Provolone Cheese +$1.25American Cheese +$1.25Feta Cheese +$1.25Mushrooms +$1.25Peppers +$1.25Onions +$1.25Tomato +$1.25Spinach +$1.25Gyro Meat +$1.25Sausage +$1.25Bacon +$1.25Ham +$1.25
Omelete Fully Loaded Side Option:Fully Loaded Hash Browns (Onions, Peppers, Cheese and Bacon Bits) +$1.99Fully Loaded Home Fries (Onions, Peppers, Cheese and Bacon Bits) +$1.99
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