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Club Sandwiches - Lunch & Dinner

Foodys Club Sandwich


A must try! Bacon, smoked pit ham, fried egg and American cheese on three slices of bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo and onions.

Toast (Select 1):White Toast Rye Toast Wheat Toast
Make it a Deluxe (Optional):Add French Fries +$1.99Add Cup Soup of the Day +$1.99Add Bowl of Soup +$2.99Add Potato Salad +$1.99Add Side Salad (House Dressing) +$2.99Add Side Salad (Ranch) +$2.99Add Side Salad (Blue Cheese) +$2.99Add Side Salad (1000 Island) +$2.99
Club Sandwiches Holds:No Tomatoes No Onions No Lettuce No Bacon No Pickles

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